Current Job, New Job, and OR residency Dilemma

  1. I have worked as a urology nurse for the past year (my first nursing job). My main goal has always been to work in the OR and the urology department is aware of this desire. I have an interview tomorrow at a surgery center and an interview for an OR residency program next month. It is important to note that the OR residency program would not start until August if I get offered a spot. My dilemma is what to do.... Should I simply stay at my current job until I find out if I get a spot in the OR residency program or take the surgery center position if offered it and see what happens with the OR residency program? I do not want it to reflect badly in the OR residency program interview if I leave my urology job to work at a surgery center and potentially leave after only working there for 4 months. Also, I would be crushed if not offered a spot in the OR residency program and regret not taking the surgery center position because I would still be gaining OR experience. What are your recommendations?
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  3. by   brownbook
    At your current job....I am not sure what a urology nurse is or does? Are you in a doctors office? An acute care hospital?

    I have a few "maybe" ideas but need more information about your current position. What do you do and what hours do you work.
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