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  1. :stone My dad has 8 surgeries on a brown recluse spider bite and he is diabetic. On his 8th surgery he died on the table and was brought back to life.
    He is about to go his 9th surgery in 2 weeks Im wondering what his survival
    rate and really want to know the truth about this time if he has complications
    what would happen. I need to know what to expect, because Im the only one waiting on him even I have 2 brothers they will not and set with me. Im wondering what is his chances; I know they are not good, but im still wondering. Thanks for any inf on this subject,I just wondering what I need to do. Im trying to get in nurswing school,but I have not of yet. So Im here asking ya smart people!Thanks for any info what to expect! Thanks,Missy
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Without seeing your father it is hard to give answers as such over the internet and a continent away.......................but.................... ....

    Taking into account that your father is a diabetic, he is going to have decreased ability to heal and is probably going to the OR for more debridement, removing of dead tissue. The spider can cause some tissue sloughing and you father is having problems with that aspect. That being said, because he had an arrest on the table does, not mean that he will have another one. Anesthesia itself is not without complications, they do happen but not routinely. Any procedure has its risks. It is an invasive procedure.

    Good luck to you and your father...........................
  4. by   Hartmissy
    Thanks Suzanne!You help me feel a little better.Yes, your post was right on it that is what is going on.I just wanted someone to give me some say so on what Im expecting so my dad has a chance to outcome this surgery that was not what I was expecting.
  5. by   jnette
    (((HUGS))) Hartmissy. So very sorry about what your Dad and you are having to endure. I have nothing more to add above, but do want to wish your Dad the very best possible outcome. I'm glad he has you there by his side, and please remember to take care of yourself as well !