Computers in O.R. Theatres

  1. I am looking for some information regarding computer workstations in OR theatres. In particular, I am interested in safety standards, e.g., infection control (any concerns re fans in the computer/monitor), and electrical requirements (grounding, spark prevention, etc.
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  3. by   passionate
    Just like any piece of equipment it must meet OSHA standards.
  4. by   bifurcated
    The hospital here uses computers in the OR's and they are on a movable stand. The bio-med department works on the qualification aspect of the equipment and if it passes the standard test that it needs to be in the hospital and the OR. The key pads can be covered with a nice plastic cover that can be taken off and washed. this cover fits nicely over the keys and in no way interrupts the typing or accessing the key board. the rest of the computer stand is very washable.:spin: