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  1. Has anyone taken the certification for CNOR either recently or within the last year or two? I was suffering from severe complacency so I decided to get motivated to take my CNOR. It is scheduled for the end of July and now I am nervous that I shall fail it. I have not studied for anything in many years and feel overwhelmed with material. Is it passable with an overall knowledge of OR nursing. Any tips! Thank you in advance for any
    help you can send my way before next Friday.
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  3. by   spineCNOR
    It has been several years since I took the CNOR exam. I didn't study much until the week before the test, when I crammed like crazy. Be sure you know the basic AORN standards and recommended practices, and know sterilization recommendations - like how to sterile a particular instrument (steam, gas, etc) at what temperature, for how long-- with that and basic OR knowledge you will pass.
    Good luck!
  4. by   spineCNOR
    Forgot to say, when I took the exam there were several positioning questions- specifically what pressure points are associated with certain positions.
  5. by   Triagn
    Also, study the standards carefully , they will be your main source for information. They do ask a lot of "what if you were the manager" type questions, Fire in the OR, pt handling of crisis, don't know if they added any HIPPA things yet but sure to come.
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    Not me
  7. by   Linda L
    Thanks all for the info. I will review Standards and Practices again. It is difficult to apply National standards when in reality we practice quite often in a "get the job" done atmosphere. I quess what has been worrying me is my knowledge of pathophisology, ie. fluids and electolytes, cardiac and resp. management, and remembering all of the risks involved with same. How detailed should my studying progress towards lab values, ABG's, IV fluids, etc. I think I may be trying to study too many details. I have spent many years as an assistant and am coming to realize how important all of the jobs of the circulating nurses are to the 'asleep' patient. I continue to be grateful in advance for any tips. Thanks again for the responses.