Charge role in the O.R.

  1. I have a question regarding charge in the O.R. We have a nurse manager and a Clinical cordinator. The clinical cordinator was hired to be charge nurse and to take care of anything that comes up in the O.R. Lately, she has been putting one of the staff members in charge. Is there anything we can do about this? This pulls from our resources and we are already short one position as is. Please respond. I would love to hear from everyone. Thanks
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  3. by   KC CHICK
    I see the same thing happening in our dept. The charge nurse hardly ever makes rounds and usually is handing the phone (and responsibility) over to someone else for the day. Most of the time she has no idea when rooms have started or ended. It's very frustrating and I hear other RN's making comments that it must be nice to make charge nurse pay and have someone else do your job for you.
    It just doesn't seem right. On top of that, those nurses that take the responsibility for the day don't get any higher pay for those hours. In my opinion, if you are getting paid to do a job.....then by all means DO THAT JOB! Don't pass it off onto someone else.

    I hope you get the problem resolved in your dept.....I hope we get the problem resolved in my dept. too.

  4. by   kathrynlynn
    With 17 yrs. OR experience in all positions (head,charge and staff), this is a difficult question for an outside observer to answer without viewing your departments chain of command and job descriptions for each role. You say you have a manager (is that the director role?) And, is this clinical coordinator responsible for other activities aside from the daily running of the schedule (like job evaluations, materials management,etc.)

    I agree it is trying at best when a charge nurse does not have a clue to what is "going on in the back". Can the group not speak with the manager and clinical coordinator about this? Be direct, site your concerns and rationale. The manager may come back and say that their are other duties with that job description.

    One comment, though, at all facilities I have worked, charge pay was laughable! I was like, keep your extra .75 an hour. Not worth it to me!

    Good luck.