can an old dog learn new tricks?

  1. Hi ya'll...I am 49 years old, have been an RN for 9 yrs, and have a chance to be hired by a hosp into an OR training program...6 mo long with preceptorship, etc. This has been my desire since nsg school but could never get into the field without exp, you know the drill. Now I find a hosp willing to train me for this and I am drooling thinking about it! But I wonder if I am too old to start into such an intensive training program...I have no physical limitations that would prevent me from performing the duties of an OR nurse, it's just that I'm not 35 anymore either. Any opinions? Thanks
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  3. by   night owl
    So what are you waiting for??? I say go for it girl! If it's something you've wanted and are drooling at the thought of it, (, let me wipe for you. There, that's better...) then BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!! You've got to go after what you want because only then will you truely be happy.
  4. by   CATHY RNFA
    Yes you should do this. It's a different kind of nursing. It's alot of fun, hard work but you will love it. I've been in the O.R. for 25 years and I love my job. Good Luck!!!
  5. by   fiestynurse
    You are not "too old." You are ONLY 49 years old and probably can't retire for another 16 years or so. I say it's the perfect time to make a change and go for it!
    They are willing to train you, which sounds like a great opportunity. I love your enthusiasm! I think your best years are still to come. Good Luck.
  6. by   Pugmom
    To all who replied to my earlier post from last Thank you for the kind, encouraging words....guess maybe OR nursing is unlike other areas of nursing where we tend to "eat our young" have strengthened my resolve to go after the prize....Thanks! I have an interview this Thursday...