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I will be graduating in May and I am going through the application process right now to start looking for internships. I will be applying for L&D at one hospital but at another hospital I would like... Read More

  1. by   mikethern
    Quote from JaxiaKiley
    Do RNFA's have to stand more than other nurses in the OR?

    Scrub nurses stand in one place but they get lunch breaks.

    RNFAs might not get a break until the case is over. A case can take all day sometimes.

    Circulators run around like chickens without a head but at least they often get to sit down during the case.

    Overall though, RNFA is the easiest job of all of them. Most of day is spent holding a retractor and suctioning.
  2. by   Natkat
    I loved what you said about not wanting much patient contact.

    I feel guilty for not wanting much patient contact, yet that is exactly the appeal of OR nursing for me. I love medicine and I am fascinated by the human body, but don't mind taking care of a patient who can't talk back to me.

    I have a wild passion for surgery. It is exactly what I want to do. This week I finally go to have an OR clinical and I was over the moon! I adored every moment. I watched everything like a hawk, asked a zillion questions, pitched in and helped do whatever they asked, pored over the medications, quizzed the anesthetist......well you get the idea.

    I was VERY into it. I can't wait to start doing this as my career.