Anyone here have RNFA information??

  1. I've been researching the position of the RNFA (registered nurse first assistant) and am becoming very interested in pursuing this. I have found information on the educational requirements and length of experience needed in the OR, but, cannot locate anything that states what the average rate of pay is for this position. If any of you have any info about how much an RNFA makes, please let me know.

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  3. by   huckfinn
    At our institution the RNFA makes no more than a staff 1 nurse with similar work history.
    The opportunities for salary and benefits arise when you are hired for private duty with a surgeon. Then you would probably be doing office work too. Typing, billing, filing, and the like. I consider this a waste of education and experience (no offense to those who like that sort of thing).
    I think you can start your own corporation and bill insurance independently....good luck getting reimbursed!
    Sorry I didn't paint a pretty picture.....Just my experiences/observations.