1. Ive been working in the or for 9 months now. I love love it. Even have been trained in preop and PACU. I want to do more though and go back to school. From my research I have to wait 2 years to get aorn certified then to become a first assist. Does anyone else have other options they have done? Just want to get back in school.
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    I went back to school and got an MSN. I am now in a non-clinical role within the perioperative administration realm. Better hours, better pay, no call, no holidays, no weekends. And I still get to be involved in the OR itself.
  4. by   amiss5572
    Thanks! Can you tell me where you went to school and a little more anout it? How long it took, cost and overall experience.
  5. by   brittneyanne
    can you explain how much experience you had before get this role? that is what i am interested in doing, but I am brand new and want a realistic expectation about how long it will take me to get there.
  6. by   K. Taylor
    CCI's CNOR certification is a great option for anyone with 2+ years of experience in the OR
  7. by   cgallant59
    If you can get an OR Nurse position in a VA Hospital, you may get the VA to pay for a BSN, MSN & PH D in nursing...100%, plus gives you a lap top computer. I have five co-workers who have received their MSN in the past 2 years and the VA paid for it all, including they get to keep the lap top. They only have to give 2 years of service.