3 Circulator Rn Job Offers

  1. So I've have 3 different circulator nurse job offers. I need help deciding.

    1. Outpatient surgery center, $32 hr, 7am-3:30 pm, no call or weekends, cases included ortho, retina, podiatry, general and pain management.
    2. Hospital,$29 hr plus diff, 7am-7pm, call once a week and one weekend month,weekend call is 12hrs, cases imclude no trauma, gen/gyn,robotic,ent,minimum ortho, breast surgery, minimum urology, vascular and Neuro
    3. Hospital, $27.50, 10hr shifts, call once or twice a week, alternating 1-2 weekends a month, CV team

    Now I'm tempted by the outpatient surgery center because of the pay but I'm not a fan of the hours. I'm not a morning person so working 5 days a week is not my thing. I like the hospital job because working 12 hr shift is my preference and this hospital location is close to my family. However, my first job was in a multi-specialty OR and my experienced was bad. No teamwork and it was every man for themselves. The CV position is what I have been hoping for. I would prefer to be good at one specialty than average at many. But this postion is about a 5 hr commute from my family.
    My thought for CV team is also to travel a some point to provide for my family.

    Thanks for the input!
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  3. by   CC Freakazoid
    Did you decide? I would say go where you felt comfortable with the team
  4. by   nocturnallife
    I decided to take the CVOR position. On the day of my in-person interview I felt comfortable with the team. I felt most comfortable with the outpatient center staff that I meet however. But I want to give this CV thing a try. I have been worrying a lot about which job to choose! Hopefully, I made the right decision. If not at least I tried.
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  5. by   heart&guts
    Eventually , you'll enjoy it. CVOR is very different as the cases are longer in fact may take 12 hours for an aortic dissection but I believe that one very special area is better than a crazy multi-specialty OR. Your pay will be augmented due to the hours you accumulate during your calls.