12 hour shifts

  1. Theatre management are promoting 12 hour shifts in our unit, intending to trial them soon. All the literature they quote is very positive, citing increased job satisfaction, no overtime, decreased errors and accidents... I suspect all the research has been done in the wards. Is anyone doing these shifts in an operating theatre and what is your opinion? I must say the 10 hour shift knocks me about for the rest of the week, I doubt I'll last at all after one 12 hour. Cheers
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  3. by   cwazycwissyRN
    I work 12 hour shifts in the OR. For the three days a week I work, that is basically what I do...........work. I do get tired by the end of my shift and it is important that I go home relax and get a good nights sleep before I start my next 12 hours the next day. I do think this decreases my burn out for two reasons. When I work I work.........when I play I play. I love my four days off a week. I can completely let go of work and be focused on my life. I can more easily stay away from being sucked into negative political activities, and stay focused on the more productive political activities that I choose to be a part of. The four days off gives me time to place things into prospective, although alot of the time when I am off.......the job just is not on my mind. I can focus 100% on my family and just livin.
  4. by   shodobe
    I work 14-16 hour days 7-10 days straight, so 12 hour shift would be nothing. Like crazycwissyRN says, when I work I work. Period. Keep an open mind, you never know you might like it. Mike
  5. by   witzend
    thanks for your replies. Gee shodobe, is life worth it?
  6. by   Circl8r
    A few years back, there was a lot of discussion about 10 and 12 hour shifts. I thought I'd like an extra day off, so I signed up for a trial of 10 hour days. There was no consideration for going home early as on the day shift, afternoon breaks were non existent, and the PM shift continually asked you to stay over at the end of the day, heaven forbid that they should have to wait an extra hour for dinner. By that extra day off, I was so exhausted but I didn't do anything but vegetate on the couch...and I was MUCH younger then!

    Hopefully your management and coworkers are more considerate!
  7. by   shodobe
    witzend, yes it is worth it because I don't live in the area where I work. You see I live in beautiful NorCal but work in SoCal. When I go home it is like going on a vacation, something to look forward to. I have 5 acres in the Sierras and can't wait to get home to work the property. I lived in SoCal for over 40 years and the traffic and amount of people finally got to me. I have been at the same hospitals for 27 years and the money and unique situation there makes it hard to give up. Mike
  8. by   nursemelanie
    SO Shodobe, do you work all those days staright thenhave like 8-10 days off. That sounds cool. I guess it would seem like a vacation. The Sierras are Beautiful.
  9. by   shodobe
    No, I usually only have 4-5 days off straight. This is over a weekend. I am now waiting to start a 2 WEEK! vacation. After the new year I plan to stay home 5 days on a regular basis. I raise dogs and show them so it is hard to be away from them for long periods. Oh yeah I forgot I do miss my wife also. LOL She'll kill me if she reads this. Mike
  10. by   cwazycwissyRN
    :chuckle I can relate shodobe. I also work 120 miles away from where I live, and I miss my puppy hmm I meant to say my husband:chuckle when I am gone.
    I work the thur. fri. sat . 7a to 7p. I do get evening shift dif, weekend shift dif and get paid 80 hours for working 72. If I stay late (which is by choice if I do) I get time and one half from 7p on. Yes there can be some challenges with the oncoming evening shifts on assignments, but nothing good comunication between us can not sort out. I am fortunate to be working with a really good team of nurses right now.
    When 7p comes on Sat night I get in my car and head home. Work disapears for 4 days.(unless I am on this site talking about nursing stuff with you all.)