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I am CGFNS qualified and currently working in Ortho Operating Room in a Middle East hospital. I was told by a US recruiting agency that I can not work as a theatre nurse in the US. There are some additional qualifications required in order to work as an Operating Room nurse in US.

Could you please advise me on this?

Thank You

suzanne4, RN

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Sorry, but forget that agency. Funny thing is that ORs are the most similar between countries, even if the language is completely different. Even watching open heart surgery in Bangkok, their perfusion equipment was built in MI, technique was the same as what we do, etc.

There are not as many OR positions always available but they are there.

Do you scrub and circulate? Are you used to computerized ORs?


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Dear Suzanne,

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I do scrub and circulate. The operation theatre in my hospital is of latest technology and it is the 'National Centre' for Ortho and plastic surgery. What do you mean by computerized Operating Room? The hospital as well as the theatre is fully computerized.

Thank you

suzanne4, RN

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There are still hospitals in the US that are not computerized, it will look bette on your resum eif you can include a computerized OR and facility where you got your work experience. It will show a hospital in the US that you are using current systems. Not all countries do and that worries some over here.

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