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Open positions for new grads in the country?

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So I'm sure many of us are on the same boat right now - we've just graduated college and there are NO jobs out there. I feel like a lot of the new grad applications were due in March, and there are really no jobs out there right now.

I'm hoping some of us can use this thread to post positions open for new grads that are available right now (where applications were not due months ago).

I just graduated with a BS, and am most interested in working in the following locations: Los Angeles, Nashville, Philadelphia, Boston, or New York City - I'm very much a city girl :)

I know this is a long shot, but if this thread gets even one person a job, then it would be great!

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Try Seattle,

I know there are some good residency programs at


Children's Hospital and

Swedish Hospital

All of these are great hospitals to work for and I think that at least 2 have magnet status!

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