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Oops! I did it again ...

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Oops! I triggered my Life Alert by mistake but ...

For REAL life emergencies, this is just a reminder for some of you to consider the value of such emergency alert units for vulnerable individuals. I am a STRONG advocate for alarm use when needed. Have had my system for about 8 years or  so.

I used my unit the first time about 3 (4?) years ago. Just a simple fall when my feet tripped up and next thing, I was sitting on the floor. No injuries, but I fell and I just COULD NOT get up on my own effort.

But just about 1 year ago to date, I used the unit again when my legs just gave out and I slid  to the floor. There WAS something MAJOR wrong that time, resulting in a hospitalization with rehab.

And I subsequently had to use it post discharge when a home power outage occurred and my backup oxygen equipment failed.

I emphatically encourage (I'd say 'implore', but that's really strong) the use of those safety alert alarms. For the obvious senior citizen or any other person prone to accidents/falls, they could be a lifesaver. They can also assist the wearer to call for help for any medical condition being experienced, like chest pain, hypoglycemia, impending seizures, stroke S&S, etc.   It can be used for any unsafe situation like domestic violence or home invasion. Of course, the wearer has to RECOGNIZE the episode and most importantly, has to be wearing the device.

We've all heard the horror stories of a victim who experienced an emergency, alone & unattended, and experienced severe pain or other drastic sequellae or death.

I have a landline system thru the security company, ADT. It has done everything it says it would for my calls. There are many different systems out there, even thru Walmart, retail and on TV. Cost vary as do service options. And they DON'T GET MAD at you if you accidently set it off stupid-like, as I did again last week!

Please, if there's someone you know or even yourself, please consider a safety alarm system. I find it invaluable and peace of mind.

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