Ontario RPN to transfer to Arizona

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I am in the process of moving to Arizona and I am working on applying for a license transfer. I am hoping someone on here can have any information or past experiences that could help. I took the CPNRE in 2016 with Ontario and passed beautifully. transferring means they want me to re-test with NCLEX-PN. I don't feel it is right. RPN's in Ontario are trained with a ton of information and skills. I am able to do things not many LPN's in the states can do. i can work in the hospitals on almost any specialty. I went to school for 2.5 years to receive the license. (not including the pre requisites). im hoping someone who has done this before even if not through Arizona can offer information. the application for the Arizona license requires I pay the fee for the nclex before submitting the application. why would the cpnre not serve as a good alternative to the nclex. and if it does why am I paying the darn fee for it? its not even refundable. thank you for anyone who can offer any information.

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Each country has their own requirements and you have to meet their requirements regardless on whether you think it is fair or not. This is the same if nurses travel from other countries and move to Canada. There has only recently been an exception and that occurred once Canada started with the NCLEX and believe me it is more expensive to go through the process for Canada than it is for the USA.

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I just wanted to know where in the process you are with this, as I am looking to do the same thing. I currently work as a psychiatric RPN nurse in Ontario and would like to relocate to Arizona. I'm not sure what title I would work under and what the process is to do such a transfer with my license. 

Hoping someone could provide some direction.