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Ontario Registered Practical Nursing Programs- Mohawk vs Niagara


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Hi everyone! I applied recently for the Jan 2013 intake for RPN programs to five colleges: Humber, Sheridan, George Brown, Mohawk and Niagara.

I'm in Hamilton and my first choices are Mohawk and Niagara.

Has anyone attended Mohawk for the RPN program? The concept of collaborative learning seems different. What exactly does it involve, and how does it differ from the teaching methodology offered at other schools?

How do Mohawk and Niagara compare to each other? Pros/Cons?

I realize the curriculum is standardized, but what makes one choose one school over the other? Is the collaborative teaching methodology at Mohawk really that different in comparison to other schools?

Also does anyone have comments/ feedback about GB, Humber or Sheridan in general?

I appreciate any feedback/thoughts. I'm in my late 20s making a career change, and I'm getting nervous about where to attend!

Thanks all :)


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I know this is an old post...

Did you get into any of the PN programs? How is it going?

I am going to Centennial College for PN in September 2013. I had applied to Humber, Durham, George Brown. I had no luck with all 3 and Centennial was my last choice. And I actually had so many issues with Humber.

I had applied to the General Arts and Science - Health program and PN program. Both required to take a Math and English test and the PN program required that and Biology and Chemistry test. I went to do my English and Math test for the General Arts and Science program in which I didn't do well in English but fine in Math. When I came back a few weeks later for the PN testing, it said I was exempt from taking the English and Math again. They were going to use my score from the General Program! I then had to fight with them to let me redo it and they said it was my fault because I should have received an email to only come to the PN testing in which they would use that testing for both programs. I never received any email. Ultimately they said for me to wait and see how my Biology and Chemistry test goes and if I pass then I can redo the English essay. I ended up failing the Chemistry test by 1 question.

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Hello Charity,

Yes I am starting Mohawk College this fall actually for the PN program.

Good luck to you :)