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Only in the Philippines...

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by mushymash mushymash, ASN, RN (Member)

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hello fellow pinoy nurses...

would lyk to know what are your unforgetable experience when starting as a nurse in the philippines...

anything that u wish u know then....

little "ooopssies" that u did while starting?

how u managed unmanageable patients?

how u ace an interview?

anything that sets our "tender loving pinoy care" different from others?!!!

lyk a relative asking if u could place newspapers at the back of her unconscious loved one for sweat absorption?!!!

left any hospitals from whatever reasons? (ghost, doctors, fellow nurse, supervisor, nclex exam...etc.)

thank you so much....

God bless....

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How about this... only in the Philippines

*the nurse-patient is 1:40

*in order to get a post in a gov't Hospital you have to work without pay for at least 6 months

*a lot of doctors want to be a nurse!!

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