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Do newly graduated nurses have to start out in a meg-surg position? I hear so many complaints about med-surg, that I dont know if I'd even want to do it for starters for fear I'd hate it and leave nursing before I really got into it. Can new graduates start out in other areas of nursing? What is everyone's opinion on this matter? Should new nurses just bear with med-surg a while and take it as a learning experience, or try to get a position in an area they really enjoy?


Not all med-surg units are horrible. Sometimes it is the contrast between expectation and reality that makes it SEEM horrible, but that can happen anywhere. My experience with new grads is they want to be where hi-tech equipment is so they can monitor the equip. and not the patient. This means we could end up with too many new people in the critical care areas. Med-surg teaches you how to assess the patient, interact with family and so much more. (my opinion). But go where your heart leads, as you can change your mind later. Our facility allows grads to transfer within first year, if position available at other unit, as part of retention. Usually have one every semester who wants transferred and they later have remarked the grass was not greener elsewhere. But people have to find out for themselves and deserve to try for happiness.

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