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100% online RN-to-BSN programs?


I know this has been posted in the past but I can't find a recent post.

I'm looking for a 100% online RN-to-BSN program, with no clinical hours. I'd really appreciate anyone's suggestions/advice/experience with any programs.

Thanks in advance!



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I'd check out Western Governors University. 100% online with no clinical hours for BSN as far as I know. I have been enrolled 8 months now working on my RN to MSN. It runs about $3200 per six months IIRC, and in those six months you can take as many classes as you're able to complete. They schedule about 6 wks for each class which has been about right for some of the classes, but others like some basic nurses courses I completed in a week or less. Most finish the BSN within a year to a year and a half but I think some have gotten it in more like 6-9 months. I would totally recommend. I feel the quality is excellent and it is an accredited school,whuch was very important to me.

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American Military University/American Public University System.