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Is that a route that a prenursing student can take to getting that rn degree online? What trusted online school are out there, and what are the pro & cons of receiving an online nursing degree?

My patience is starting to run short with trying to become a nurse. I've been at the pre-nursing crap for 3yrs now, & whenever it seems like Im so close to going to someones nursing school, it never fall through & its becoming depressing & im starting to feel like i may have to change my career, just to get a decent job. I know nursing is my calling, but i don't know if its worth wasting so much time. Life is to short for, & im getting no where!


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Indiana state university has an online LPN-BSN degree online. It's a trusted program from what I've read. There's tons of info on it on here at Allnurses. Check it out if u haven't already.


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I would avoid any for profit online schools. They are extremely expensive and many have low graduation rates and leave students with a lot of debt. You may wish to do some research on these for profit online schools and see what some of the students have to say about them. If you are already an LPN, then perhaps the Indiana state online program could work for you

If you are not yet an LPN, I do not believe that there are online LPN schools. Most now are through community colleges, though there still may be a few hospital based diploma programs left. The cost of the community colleges are generally lower than private universities and four year state universities.

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