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Is there any sort of directory of online schools for RN to BSN? I have found and bookmarked a few, but it sure would be nice if I had a directory to refer to.


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I haven't seen one myself. Just the individual websites for each RN-BSN program. Sorry!


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Excelsior and Phoenix have online programs. There are a few others too but some may involve going "somewhere" for testing eventually and that can get costly. Do your research before committing !!

Try some of the colleges that have nursing programs in your area they may offer some sort of online services.



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I believe University of Nevada Reno and or Las Vegas have on line programs. There are others but I can't recall. I think some school called St Francis University or maybe College. Check with individual traditional schools many do offer this on line.


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then to "service/tools

then to google viewer

then enter "online rn bsn degrees"

this is my favcrite search will see link/page scroll down before you

there are tons of accreditated programs online.

someone mentioned canyon hospital researched this "college" for me, as i was interested in one of their graduate hr said that it is not accreditated by one of the official accreditation bodies...:)


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whoops, sorry....i downloaded an image with my above post..

was trying to do things at once....that'll teach me...

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