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Have any of you tried to recert with online services for ACLS, do your hospitals accept this?

I am a travel nurse, and it is very hard to get the classes in!!!

Thanks for the input!:)


25 Posts ceu's on line and after taking the test .....get certificate! I like this one..........GOD BLESS........Bubble


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How do you find out about ACLS on line? What about the practical component? I didn't know this was even available.

Please post more info!


Hi, I do travel nursing too. I just completed the ACLS course that CPR associates offers online. I was very pleased with it. You get 32 log-in hours to complete it and can practice without logging in. You receive an AHA Provider Card when you have completed the course. I learned it better than any traditional class I've been to. You can get to it through my website at:

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I was concerned about doing ACLS online, but our hospital is now requiring everyone to re-cert online.

Having been through the experience....... it is easy, and there are practice components built into the program.

I recommend it !!!



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