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Online or part time ASN program

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I'm a Medical Assistant wanting to become a RN.

Unfortunately I have to work and need to find an online ASN/LPN or LVN program or part time school.

I have a hard time finding one and would appreciate it if you have tips


I also would like to hear your experience with online programs.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Excelsior College has an online ADN program for people with previous healthcare experience (not sure what qualifies as "previous healthcare experience."

Don't think you'll find a part-time ADN program. They pretty much are full-time. Although if you do pre-reqs first you will technically be part-time as you'll be under 12 credits/semester. You may be able to find an Evening/Weekend program. I am in my first of four semester of an E/W ADN program. Most schools offer it every or every other year. My school http://www.northampton.edu offers it every other year, so the next E/W program won't start until Jan '06.

Hope you find a program that fits your lifestyle. You may want to also post in the distance learning forum (a sub-forum of the student forum).

Good luck!

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