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Online nursing... Terrible Idea...

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I guess this would be more of me venting but general advice would be helpful.

Last semester I found out that I was accepted into my colleges nursing program. My college has a paramedic-RN bridge program that interested me so I chose to follow that route. When I applied to the program, they had two options (face-to-face and online hybrid). I obviously wanted to do face-to-face but when I attended my orientation I found that they were doing away with the face-to-face bridge!!!

Now... I am already struggling and I have never done an online class before. I study 5 hours each day taking 15 mins breaks when I'm fried from my studies. I read, I follow power-points, take notes, and do other outlines that are provide for us as students but I can't seem to get my head above water! The last two test I received 70's... I DON'T GET 70's! (I'm an overachiever)

I never would have done the program if I knew they were changing the course to online... I feel online courses take away vital information and obviously the face-to-face interaction. Maybe it's my view of online courses. I view online courses as second-rated compared to traditional face-to-face classrooms.

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