WSU Spring 2018 Interviews

  1. Hi all!

    Im a BSN applicant for WSU Spring 2018. Wondering if anyone has gotten their interview letters yet?

    Good luck!!
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  3. by   ElectricPup
    If you are referring to Washington State University, I am waiting for an interview letter as well. Which campus did you apply to?

    I believe they are being sent on Thursday via email.

    I'll be watching this thread closely. Good luck to you!
  4. by   marinaifox
    Hi yes I am! I applied to the Spokane campus what about you? Oh good to know! I'm so nervous I can't wait! Good luck to you too!! Fingers crossed.
  5. by   ElectricPup
    I don't recall now where I read that letters were going out on the 5th. The website says October 2-6. *scratches head*

    Anyhow, hopefully it's soon :-)

    I applied to the Yakima campus.

    Fingers crossed for all of us!
  6. by   stephaniek1
    i'm still waiting too :'(

    if you dont mind me asking, what were your guys GPA? im so nervous that my GPA isnt good enough
  7. by   Strite
    The wsu site change the interview letter date. It will be during oct 9-13 instead
  8. by   stephaniek1
    Yeah i noticed that too! Do you know why they changed it?
  9. by   Julia P.
    Hello !!
    I am applying for WSU also.. Just noticed that the changed the date, I have been waiting for it in nervous-ness !!
    Fingers crossed for all of us !
  10. by   christinabell2
    They changed the date because they are have a tough time making a decision on applicants and needed another week. Hope everyone gets in
  11. by   Julia P.
    I am so nervoussss !! since I am a transfer student and it makes everything harder for me
  12. by   stephaniek1
    Thats nerve wrecking..... hopefully we hear back early next week
  13. by   stephaniek1
    @julia p.

    if you dont mind me asking, which campus did you apply for?
  14. by   Julia P.
    I am applying for Spokane