WSU nuring school for Spring 2018

  1. Hey all!
    So I was wondering if there was anyone else out there who applied to the WSU nursing school for spring of 2018? I'm freaking out over here because only next week we find out if we get an interview. What is everyone's GPA? I have a 3.75 Cumulative and a 3.81 for nursing cumulative. I also got an 80 on the TEAS test- I feel like I'm in pretty good shape but I didn't get in the first time for fall semester so I'm super scared it will happen again. I haven't seen any posts for 2018 yet so I thought I would start one! I would love to hear some feed back from anyone(:
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  3. by   ivybui
    Hello there!

    I also apply for WSU this Spring. Your stats are higher than mine. I got 3.77 cumulative GPA, 3.75 Prereqs and 78.7% TEAS. Did you get an interview slot last time? If yes do you mind sharing some of your experiences?
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  4. by   Strite

    Are you a transfer student? Your score and GPA is pretty high. Im also applying and my GPA is 3.7. My advisor said that I should be fine but Im really nervous as interview letter will be send out next week.
  5. by   Coughopeful
    Hi thanks for the replies! The first time I applied I didn't get an interview- my nursing GPA was around a 3.5 and I guess the fall semester is more competitive than it is for spring semester. I'm not a transfer student, I go to EWU. Hopefully we get some interview letters- is it your first time applying?
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  6. by   Coughopeful
    What schools are you all applying from? I'm super nervous too- only a few more days!
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  7. by   Strite
    Yeah this is my first time applying. And I applied from WSU directly. My cumulative GPA is 3.5 now Im nervous
  8. by   Coughopeful
    That's a good cumulative! Don't worry too much! There's supposed to be less competition this semester, so I'm hopeful it will work out (:
  9. by   ivybui
    Btw, we won't know about their decision until October 9 and 10. Still have one more week to wait
  10. by   ElectricPup
    I applied for spring as well. The website says that interview letters will be sent on the 5th. Which decisions are being made on the 9th and 10th?
  11. by   ivybui
    I called the office few days ago and they said they need more time to make decisions, that's why they have to reschedule the interview day and the day they send interview letters is changed too. I still hope we can receive letter this week anyway
  12. by   ElectricPup
    Does the delayed invitation apply to all campuses?
  13. by   Coughopeful
    Oh jeez good to know- I didn't see the update! I've been checking non stop. I hope they send out letters sooner though (:
  14. by   Strite
    Yeah, the site change the date to oct 9-13. Im so nervous guys.