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  1. Hello! I was hoping to get some advice. I am looking for online MSN programs in leadership, and have been looking at WGU's program because of the convenience of it and the affordability of it. Has anyone gone thru this program and have any information about it?
    However, for MSN degrees, do people look at where you got your degree from while getting hired? Or, should I look at MSN programs more well known?

    I'm also possibly looking at an MSN/MBA program, but not sure how beneficial it would actually be.

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  3. by   MikeyT-c-IV
    I'm skeptical of these programs. I don't like institutions that charge a fee to submit an application for admittance. And I don't like institutions that advertise "apply free this week." It just rubs me the wrong way, is all.

    It does appear to be affordable and they are accredited. The MSN leadership track is only 16 courses and that comes to about $13,000 not including special fees and whatnot.

    I'm doing a MSN leadership degree right now at one of my in-state universities. It's only 11 classes and when it's all said and done it'll cost me $12,000. I just trust an in-state university. Maybe because I've been there and it has an excellent reputation.