Valparaiso Accelerated Option: Am I Nuts?

  1. Hello! I applied to Valparaiso University last summer and I am taking classes PART TIME at a cheaper community college to prepare for nursing school. I'm headed for Valparaiso University Accelerated Option in Fall 2019.

    The issue that I'm facing is that I have a family. A husband, a six year old and a one year old. I've been a housewife for ten years and I'm almost 40. Can I do this? I keep asking myself this. Can I complete a full time Accelerated program and juggle studying, clinicals and a busy family? I have a hard time now and I'm scared to death.

    Is this possible? I need advice!!
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  3. by   cleback
    You can but it will likely be tough. How are the part time classes going?

    Although I was a traditional student in my bsn program, I am now in a graduate program with a house, a husband, a toddler, and two part time jobs. I'm taking 12 credits this semester.... it's not pretty but I have made it thus far. I believe you can do it, with a little stubbornness and sacrifice.
  4. by   shasta13
    I'm an older student (in my 40s) with a husband and four children in an accelerated program. It's difficult but absolutely doable, as long as you prioritize and stay organized.
  5. by   srmore11

    Part time classes are going fine, I don't get in as much studying as I would like though. I've been getting all A's except I did poorly last semester because my advisor had me take A&P and chemistry together. You are taking on a greater deal than me and you are getting through, I think that's wonderful. I'm a worry-wart
  6. by   srmore11
    What made you decide to go to school in your 40's? I just never knew what I wanted to do. How old are your children?
  7. by   kkbb
    I graduated at 39 with a husband, a 9 year old and a 3 year old. It can be done. I got really good at studying after everyone else went to bed. At times I felt like what made things the hardest was staying on top of my kids school schedules with mine.

    Have child care and back up child care. Also, when things get hard, remember why you are doing this. I did like that my kids saw me working hard to reach my goal. And my graduation is something that my son still talks about.

    You can do this. It isn't always easy, but not much worth having ever is.
  8. by   mom4ninja
    Where are you taking your accelerated program from?
  9. by   srmore11
    @mom4ninja Valparaiso University. Just the word "Accelerated" scares me.