Valencia College Summer 2016 ASN Program

  1. Hey everyone! It may be a little early but I just recently submitted my application for Valencia's ASN General track program for Summer 2016 and wanted to see if anyone has received admissions yet!
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  3. by   OliveLuv
    I applied too, but am not sure when decisions will be made. The answer center told me 8 weeks from the date of application.
  4. by   taybray27
    Yeah, I heard the same thing.. I'm just so worried that the summer term is already filled up! I'd be really bummed if I had to wait until August. Did you apply to any other programs?
  5. by   ionRN2016
    Tay- I applied to the AVS Program at VCC for this summer and haven't been able to find anyone on here who have as well. When I turned in my app the girl at the desk told me that I would know in 5 weeks. Not sure how accurate she is but am anxiously waiting. The wait is agonizing.
  6. by   OliveLuv
    Hi all - I was accepted into the summer program this past week. Not sure if they are still sending out notices. Good luck!
  7. by   ionRN2016
    Hi olive..I got my acceptance e-mail last week into the AVS program at Valencia for May 2016 as well..I am real excited..we should start a Facebook page. Write soon.
  8. by   OliveLuv
    ionRN - congrats on getting into Valencia. Sorry, I'm one of the few that does not have Facebook!
  9. by   taybray27
    I still haven't gotten an email. Getting a little nervous When did you guys apply?
  10. by   ionRN2016
    Tay- I applied for the summer 2016 avs program on 1-12-15...did you guys apply to the avs or the long program RN?
  11. by   taybray27
    I applied for the traditional RN. I applied on 1/12/16.... I'm hoping I wasnt too late.
  12. by   ionRN2016
    No I meant to say 1-12-16!!! Not 1-12-15...duh...
  13. by   taybray27
    Ah, okay. Maybe the AVS decisions were made faster? I'm trying to keep positive!
  14. by   taybray27
    I was accepted for Summer!! My orientation is this Friday March 4th, what about you guys? Also, what are you going to wear? That may be a stupid question but I don't want to be over/under dressed.