Valencia ASN Spring 2018

  1. I have been patiently waiting for my acceptance letter to the Valencia ASN Spring 2018 program. Anyone receive theirs yet?????
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  3. by   sariacvt
    hopefully soon they'll start sending out letters. I've applied for the traditional track and i really hope to start this spring!
  4. by   MissUSA1024
    When did you submit you application? Good Luck getting into the Spring program!
  5. by   sariacvt
    Thank you! I submitted my application on August 22nd. What about you? I'm a little worried about not getting any financial aid. I've crossed my credit limit to be eligible. They asked me to submit an appeal once accepted into the program ☹️
  6. by   MissUSA1024
    I applied Sept 22. So I am worried so may not even get into the Spring program. I'll post as soon as hear something! This waiting is killing me. I think orientation is sometime on November so hopefully we'll hear something soon.
  7. by   sariacvt
    Good luck! Hopefully u get to start this spring
  8. by   AnnaRose
    I applied August 23rd. I applied to another school just in case. Does anyone know when letters will be sent?
  9. by   MissUSA1024
    What school did you apply to?
  10. by   MissUSA1024
    I emailed them today and this was the response:

    "Thank you for contacting Valencia College. Students typically receive their admissions information 5-7 weeks after submitting their application, or 5-7 weeks after the Priority Deadline if you applied before September 15th. If your application falls within that time frame please await a response for information on your potential acceptance date as seats are currently being filled. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received."
  11. by   mkirkland8
    Hi! I'm commenting to follow along with this thread, but I was also told that some seats have been filled up. There is still room though for the spring term. The woman I spoke with today said they were trying to send out letters by the end of this week or beginning of next. The anticipation is killing me because first I thought I would hear something 8 weeks from my submission date. When that didn't happen I got the email about it possibly being 5-7 weeks from the priority deadline of September 15th. Now we're in week 5 of that and I'm finding myself going a little crazy. Good luck to all of you and I hope to hear good news for you! Perhaps we'll be classmates!
  12. by   AnnaRose
    I applied to FSW.
    I didn't know seats were already filled. I thought they would send out emails all together. Let's hope for the best.
  13. by   darkandtwistyxoxo
    Yes, I applied for Fall originally and was put on waitlist and currently have been accepted to start in Spring 2018. Usually waitlist applicants get letters first and then whomever else applied. Orientation is November 10th.
  14. by   MissUSA1024
    When did you get your letter about being put on the waitlist in correlation with your submitted application?