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  1. Hi! I'm applying for the UW BSN for next fall. This is my second time applying to the program and I really want to get in! I thought I would start a discussion so we can all help each other out since the application comes out this month and the essay questions are already out!

    A little about myself:

    -When I applied for this fall my nursing prerequisite gpa was a 3.0 and I retook one class and I believe now it is a 3.2 which isn't that great but they accept anywhere from a 2.4-4.0 for this fall so I am not too worried about that.
    -When I applied for this fall I only had 120 healthcare experience hours and when I apply for next year I'll have well over 1,500.
    -I'm also doing a study abroad program in maternal and child health in December before the app is due and this year i managed to get a job at Mary Bridge Children's hospital and recently got hired at Seattle Children's. I also got certified in neonatal resuscitation.

    Thanks all! I can't wait to hear back and get some advice!
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  3. by   Att.1
    This will be my second time applying to the UW BSN too! I have a question about the letter of recommendation! My supervisor is not a RN but I work at Swedish! Does anyone know if they accept letter of rec. from someone that is not a nurse?I know they prefer a RN but the RNs I work with don't know me that well and they don't really supervise me.
  4. by   Hk2017
    I know they highly prefer it from a RN i've heard!
  5. by   RDHusky
    Hello everyone!
    I'm a BSN1 student that got accepted this fall for UW SoN and I already started. I figured I could give my input for all those applying next year!
    I got rejected my first time but got accepted my second time, just so you all know.
    I'm open to any questions / give any advice.
  6. by   sol1994
    Hi, I'll be applying to the UW's BSN program for the first time this yr.
    @RDHusky -- What did you do differently the second time around that may have helped you get accepted? Thanks in advance!
  7. by   Hk2017
    Hey! Does your letter of rec have to be from an RN? My supervisor is an ER technician. And yeah can you go over briefly how your app looked the first time vs. the second time when you got accepted?
  8. by   taylorr13
    Hi everyone, long time creeper here! I've been waiting to post in one of these threads for three years now. This year is going to be my first time applying to the BSN program. I applied to UW (pre-nursing) out of high school and got wait listed, so I'm back applying again after almost three years at community college. Ive been in a hospital internship program for a year now and I've gotten to rotate through Oncology, Cardiac Telemetry, ER, Postpartum, and L&D. Though I fear that my 600+ hours of volunteer work won't match up to paid healthcare jobs many others have. My pre-req GPA is pretty good (All As & one C), yet I'm stressed over that C (it was in anatomy :/). I was wondering if any of you had any advice to make me stand out?? Thanks, and I can't wait to ~finally~ go through this process with you all!
  9. by   RDHusky
    Sorry for the late reply! Nursing school is pretty busy.

    @sol1994 -- Two things that I needed to work on were my resume and personal statement. Honestly, I didn't expand enough on my resume and poorly used my space. Come up with a method to eliminate unnecessary blank space. As for my personal statement, I needed to reflect more on my healthcare experiences and hone in on specific examples when answering the prompts. The less tangents you go on, the better.

    @Hk2017 -- It doesn't have to be an RN but it would great because who else truly knows the responsibilities of a nurse than a nurse themselves? But if your person writing your letter of recommendation can provide examples that show how you can be a stellar nurse, then go for it. It's also good to have a supervisor that knows you well.

    Some quick stats 1st time vs. 2nd time
    1st: | Hours - 500 | Leadership Experiences - 2 | Community Involvement Experiences - 3 |
    2nd: | Hours - 1000+ (I took the year off and just worked, so you can imagine how many hours I had) | Leadership Experiences - 4 | Community Involvement Experiences - 4| *better personal statement* | *more organized resume* |

    @taylorr13 -- Whether your experience is volunteer or paid doesn't matter. It's what you get out of the experience that will benefit you. As long as your grades end up being above the minimum requirement, you will be considered. To make yourself stand out, reflect upon your experiences. Truly think what a nurse does and connect that back to how you can prove you'll make a good nurse. It's more than just the meds and knowledge, it's about the critical thinking and personality that you emulate. So the best way to make yourself stand out is to talk about your experiences.

    I might put myself on fire for saying this, but I can try to go over some of your applications if you'd like and give feedback. I'll do my best to read any that come my way. If you're interested shoot me an email with your email address and we can exchange emails.
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    it is ok everyone.
  11. by   shakethedust
    Does anyone know what to do on the application in the classes section if your class (for example, chemistry or microbiology) had the lab included in the class? It asks you to fill out a different line for the class but it was an all-in-one lab/lecture at seattle central college. Are you guys leaving that line blank or just writing in the same class information/#? Thanks!
  12. by   farminnurse
    @RDHusky I am an older student, changing careers midstream. Everything is solid on my application, except I will only have about 200 hours of hands on healthcare experience. Are there any older students in the program (I'm 40) who's life experience (non-healthcare related) seemed to a positive for their admission? I have lots of leadership experience and am solid on grades, etc. Just curious how UW views applicants who are older and have different experiences than the typical applicant. Thanks for any insight!
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  13. by   rebanurse123
    Hey guys! This is going to be my second time applying as well! I took the year off and worked so I'm going to have around 2,000 hours at this point. Also retook two courses to get the grades above 3.5s. However, I think that the main downfall for me last year was the proctored essay. Does anyone have any tips on how to study for this? Especially the math portion? I freaked out during the proctored because I forgot how to do all of the basic math and overthought it. Any tips would be very appreciated!
  14. by   RDHusky
    @shake the dust I would say that you should talk to an advisor in UW to see how to equate that class to UW courses.
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