UTEP pedi acute care MSN Fall 2018

  1. Hi,

    has anyone applied to UT El Paso pedi acute care MSN program for Fall 2018 and heard back?
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  3. by   lmhedge
    I applied for the Fall 17 PNP AC program and got accepted. They didn't do interviews until mid July before the program started.
  4. by   kittyobsessednurse
    Thanks for replying Imhedge! I guess I have a while until I hear back.
  5. by   Gualyz
    I have applied for UTEP Fall 2018 Pedi Acute Care as well. Good luck and i hope you get in
  6. by   EndoRN.
    I applied for fnp but saw this post. Still haven't heard a word yet.
  7. by   kittyobsessednurse
    Anybody else get an interview?
  8. by   pedsrntn
    Quote from kittyobsessednurse
    Anybody else get an interview?
    I did! I would love to chat kittyobsessednurse
  9. by   pedsrntn
    Did anyone else interview today with Dr. Martinez?
  10. by   NurseJessG
    I interview with her on Wednesday. How was the interview? What sort of questions did she ask?
  11. by   pedsrntn
    Honestly it was more or less them going through your resume and asking questions about your experiences. She was very nice and it was very relaxed. I was on the phone about 20 minutes with her. I did find out from her that the mandatory orientation is August 7-8 which is really soon. She said admit decisions will be posted later this week or early next week.
  12. by   Gualyz
    SOOO I received an email saying my name was being recommended for graduate admissions to the program... I'm not sure if I should celebrate just yet lol
  13. by   kittyobsessednurse
    So did I haha I was a little confused by the wording but I think the program directors make their choices and then the graduate school has to process everything. Congratulations! I am anxious to see what classes we are taking first. I saw the degree plan but not sure if we will be following that order.
  14. by   hokiekim
    I got the email too!! I am celebrating. I think the wording is because we have to officially be accepted by the grad school.