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  1. has anyone applied to upmc Shadyside school of nursing for fall 2017?
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  3. by   Jenbripsu
    Fall 2017 has already begun. Do you mean Spring 2018 or Fall 2018? I have applied for Spring 2018 but have not heard back yet.
  4. by   kpippens90
    Yes I meant spring 2018. When did you apply?
  5. by   Jenbripsu
    I applied August 1st.
  6. by   kpippens90
    I tried to ask when do they sent out accept letters . I don't think until have the deadline October 1. But I'm so anxious.
  7. by   Jenbripsu
    When did you apply? I spoke to them this week and they said they are resuming their acceptances this week, but they could not tell me how many people were in front of me. They go in order of the application date.
  8. by   kpippens90
    My application date was 7/24/2017
  9. by   Jenbripsu
    Then you should hear before me! I know they are starting notification letters this week so you won't have to wait until after the Oct 1 deadline. I am very anxious as well!
  10. by   kpippens90
    I'll let you know when I do. Maybe we will be classmates
  11. by   Jenbripsu
    Yes! Please do, because once you are notified, I will assume my notification will not be far behind! As long as there is room in the class, I think we will be fine - but I am worried about the class filling up. When I applied August 1, they told me that the class was half full. I see however that you are an LPN, so I am not sure if that would be a different program at Shadyside than the one that I applied to?

    If I don't get into Shadyside then I will look into one of the second degree nursing programs for next fall since I already have a bachelors degree. But I was hoping to get started this spring as I am already in my 40's and this is a second career move for me.
  12. by   Jenbripsu
    Did you hear yet? My portal just changed today and I was admitted for Spring 2018! Very excited!
  13. by   KayMet
    I have been accepted for Spring 2018 as well! Yay!!
  14. by   kpippens90
    What changed about your portal. How do you know I am still waiting