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  1. Ok so I've been inquiring about a LPN-RN school in FL called Capscare Academy due to it's affordability. I finally got a response from the Director of education at MD Board of Nursing regarding whether I'm able to sit for licensure in MD... being that the school is NOT amongst approved schools in MD.

    I'm a LPN. I'm looking into a school in Florida called Capscare Academy for Healthcare Education for my RN due to affordability. I was told by the school I can sit for my boards here in MD and once I pass, I can apply for license by endorsement to MD. Since the school is NOT amongst the approved schools here in MD, will I be able to apply for endorsement here in MD?

    HER RESPONSE : Let me clarify the Maryland Board of Nursing's regulations. An applicant who attended an out-of-state nursing program can be licensed in MD if the Board of Nursing where the program is located approved that program, i.e., if graduates from your program are allowed to be licensed in FL, MD will honor that approval. Additionally, specific to MD, you must have had both theory and clinical practice in medicine, surgery, maternal-child, psychiatric, pediatric, and geriatric nursing. Often, geriatric nursing is integrated in several of the required nursing areas and will not appear on the official final transcript as a course.
    Being able to sit in MD for boards is true. You can sit for the exam in any of the 50 states, a few territories and foreign countries for licensure in a specific state. If FL is your legal state of residency, you cannot test for your license under the MD Board of Nursing. Both MD and FL are compact states meaning you can work in any of the 49 compact states using your FL license. You can test in MD but not for a MD compact license. Once you move to MD, you must endorse into MD.

    I'm so happy right now, and if anyone knows, nursing education is not cheap and to be able to find this program is well worth it to me.
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