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Hi all! Is anyone attending the University of San Francisco for Spring 2016? Has anyone been in their program? I applied and was accepted for the Spring term so I might be going. I haven't been... Read More

  1. by   Jpfern
    Just wanted to say hello, I'm was also accepted into the 2017 nursing clinicals…. ugh don't like having to wait. May have met some of y'all on friday but hope to see y'all around more. Anyone taking 120 on tues 8 to 945?? cya in class.
  2. by   Jpfern
    wow same boat as you, just need 120 and 170 till clinical starts but gonna use that time to get rid of rhetoric class they want, theology, ethics, and philosophy so while I'm in the nursing portion I can focus on just nursing and no other prerequisites. Maybe even try for the 4+1 program.
  3. by   SFnursetobe12
    Hi @jpfren ! I don't like having to wait but I have a couple prereques to do, the RHET and a couple others so I'll at least be busy for the two semesters I too only want to focus on nursing only and maybe the 4+1
  4. by   Pursuingmydream93
    Hello there,

    first of all congratulations to you and to others who got accepted to the program!! So happy for you guys.
    I applied to spring 2017 as a transfer student. I am waiting to hear back from them. The waiting is killing me I was wondering if you can share what your status was ?? Your GPA, work experience or anything that u think helps. Also, did the school transfer all ur classes? I took all my classes at CC and I'm scared that they will make me retake some classes (of course if I get in lol)
  5. by   Jpfern
    I feel the acceptance was based more on my letter I wrote to the School.
    I was also transfer student too, with gpa 3.50 in my prereq. classes. I also went to Community College but didn't have to retake any classes. Work experience was 1 year of EMT ambulance work and 1 year of working at a allergy clinic with wonderful doctors that wrote me letters of recommendation. I also scored very high on my teas test.
    I didn't hear back from them till very late and had like a month to decide. I just didn't want to wait for any other schools. I got into a lot of schools but they all wanted to make me wait another 6 months to apply for the actual nursing school, so chose to stay with USF since it was closer to my house.
  6. by   Pursuingmydream93
    Thank you so much for your respond!! sounds like you had it all

    Did you start clinicals right away when u got in or they mak u wait and take some classes there? How many units did u have when u applied? I have 61 and I don't know if they will make me take more prerequisites.
  7. by   bg04
    Hello I also applied for spring 2017 what are your stats ?