UNCC FNP Admission Decision

  1. Hello! Just wanting to reach out to see if anyone has applied to UNCC's FNP program for Fall 2018 and have heard back yet??? I was told I'd hear by the end of February. Getting anxious
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  3. by   nelly27
    No not yet! I'm checking the dashboard and my mail everyday and nothing! Getting a bit anxious too : /
  4. by   Michela21
    Good luck to you! I just got an email that they are still reviewing and should hear back very soon!
  5. by   Michela21
    I have been checking multiple times a day too!!
  6. by   tjwooten
    Heard anything yet?
  7. by   Michela21
    Not yet :/ have you? The anticipation is killing me!
  8. by   tjwooten
    Nothing Hopefully by Friday?!?
  9. by   Michela21
    I sure hope so. I'm anticipating any day now. Have you guys applied anywhere else?
  10. by   nelly27
    Good luck to you too! Still nothing! I also applied to UNCW and Ohio State University.. radio silence from all 3 so yeah getting over it! Haha 😂
  11. by   Michela21
    Shew, I know EXACTLY what you mean! I applied to East Carolina and Duke and haven't heard anything yet Trying my best to be patient
  12. by   Carly-RN
    I applied to the AGACNP program, no word yet.... but I did get into Duke's MSN program
  13. by   Michela21
    Congratulations!! I found out I was wait listed for East Carolina yesterday and was pretty bummed. But just found out this morning I was accepted to Duke!! Still haven't heard from UNCC.
  14. by   Carly-RN
    Are you going to the Student Welcome Day at Duke?