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  1. by   Nanky
    Just hoping a miracle happens this week and we get to hear back from admissions. ☺
  2. by   kmcgnursing101
    Beginning to release decisions today! Good luck everyone!
  3. by   Nanky
    Quote from kmcgnursing101
    Beginning to release decisions today! Good luck everyone!
    Did you call admissions?
  4. by   jldnursetobe
    I just got the email that decisions will begin today! Has anyone gotten their decision yet? Can we all post our stats?
  5. by   jldnursetobe
    They sent out an email telling us the they are beginning today!
  6. by   kmcgnursing101
    Just got an email about decisions. Has anyone heard back yet? Or know what time they start? Nervous !
  7. by   Nanky
    Oh really that is goodnews even if I did not receive any email yet....
  8. by   kmcgnursing101
    I'm sure you will get in, you have great stats @Nanky don't worry. I'm worried about my test score on the teas so I hope my gpa will save me
  9. by   jldnursetobe
    I have a bachelors in biology @ UMD CP but my GPA is on the lower side (graduated with a 3.1) but my GPA in my prerequisites is a little higher. I got a 93.3 on the TEAS and have some clinical and leadership experience. I am nervous!
  10. by   kmcgnursing101
    @jldnursetobe thats amazing I would not be too nervous if I was you! my overall gpa is 3.7 and my science is 3.67. I was not prepared for the teas and scored a 71 (80 on math portion and 73 on science portion). UMB says it looks at gpa first, so hopefully I can still make it!
  11. by   nursing#101
    That email is making me nervous...

    My gpa was on the low end too (3.05). TEAS was 94 percentile. Have volunteering and internship experience. I'm going to check surf like crazy now...

    Hope we all get in!!!!
  12. by   brooke3g
    received the email but no decision yet....... and so it begins lol
  13. by   jldnursetobe
    Thank you so much!kmcnursing101. Like you said, they look at GPA first so I am just really nervous since mine is on the lower side. I got a 90% in math and a 98% in science for the TEAS so that should hopefully help. Its just so hard to know. I hope everyone gets in. I must have checled SURFs like 10 times so far today.