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Anyone Apply for UMSON for Spring 2017 ???... Read More

  1. by   nursing#101
    I keep expecting to know by November 1st and get even more anxious when I don't here anything. Even though I know it's not going to be the 1st. This is the worst part of applications....

    Best of luck everyone and hopefully we can all be classmates and peers for real
  2. by   minam
    did anyone apply for the baltimore campus ?
  3. by   nursing#101
    Sorry Shady Grove.
  4. by   student20122
    Me too Shady Grove
    But I heard that we might not get what we picked though. I just want to get in at this point. October is almost done. Yayyyyy
  5. by   sunny8p
    i applied to shady grove but kinda wanna switch
  6. by   Nanky
    Hello @SpiffyNurse,
    How is ur first semester at UMSON coming on. Are your classes really difficult??...Where do they post you guys for clinicals.
  7. by   Nursechai
    Hello everyone! I see that a few of you are saying your status is "Complete ready for review" and "Comittee ready" my status says: "complete ready for review" but my decision says "Comitee Ready" Does anybody know what that means?
  8. by   nursing#101
    Complete and ready for review means that the applications committee (or whatever they're called) looks at your application again and makes sure that you have everything. After they determine that it's complete with nothing missing, they will push you to the next step which is committee ready. This is when they give your application to the Admissions committee to look at and vote on whether your accepted or not. Once a decision has been decided, they will change your decision status to admitted institution, not accepted, waitlisted or provisional (something with a P-can't remember the exact word) admission. Provisional admittance just means you got it but are still missing some prerequisites. Hope this helps.

    FYI: USG no longer has free parking. They're changing it so that we need to either pay for a parking permit or pay per hour.
  9. by   student20122
    Mine says "complete ready for review" only

    Thank God October is all gone...

    I hope we all get in. I have been checking that status @least twice daily. As crazy as this sounds that's the first thing I check when I wake up. I hope we know in the beginning on Nov. #Godhelpus
  10. by   Shlomitbirnbaum
    Hi, I applied to UMSON and i am waiting to hear back from them, I spoke to Kelly Palwiak (or something like that) on the phone, and she said she goes through the applications to make sure they have all the forms before she sends them to the committee to decide if a person is accepted or not. She said we should expect to have responses (and hopefully acceptance) by thanksgiving.....
    I also applied to Towson and was accepted to their BSN program, did anyone apply there as well, and what makes a person decide one over the other?
  11. by   nursing#101
    I hope we know before thanksgiving. As in the first week of November. Latest second week of November. Thanksgiving is about when I start registration for marymount.

    As for choosing, I look at distance if you commute, tuition cost and if I like the program. BUT at this point, start accepting Towson and if you get in to UMSON then cancel enrollment to Towson (if you really want UMSON).
  12. by   Nanky
    I applied to Towson and I was accepted, but I intend to accept the offer while I wait for UMSON decision.
  13. by   Ephrata
    Quote from sunny8p
    i applied to shady grove but kinda wanna switch
    I applied at shady grove too... but why a change of heart?