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  1. by   minam
    RN to BSN is if you have an associates in nursing and are pursing a bachelors
    you are probably looking for traditional BSN
  2. by   nnurse05
    Quote from minam
    RN to BSN is if you have an associates in nursing and are pursing a bachelors
    you are probably looking for traditional BSN
    Yes that exactly what I'm looking for but I dont see what its listed under, sorry I feel like such an amateur lol
  3. by   nnurse05
    Sorry I found out that if the application type is not on display then its not available as of yet. Good-luck to you guys!
  4. by   Ephrata
    @nursing#101 I was faced with the same dilemma. I got accepted to the RN program at Howard Community College last month and I had to pay to save my seat... I don't know if UMSON will accept me or not, so it's better to have plan B.
  5. by   nursing#101
    @Ephrata yea I'm just glad at least I have a back up that worked out. I like Marymount and their staff so I'm okay with going to school there. It's just UMSON is cheaper and closer to my house. I also like UMSON's program better. We just have to hope for the more month....
  6. by   student20122
    I wonder if those status mean something
    "Ready for review" vs "committee ready"
    I'm here guessing everything lol

    Does it indicate anything?
    If there is a current UMSON checking this discussion board please give us your intake on this.

    I need some Xanax so I can atleast chill for 24 hrs and not check the status 2 to 3 x per day. I wish they tell us the status now bc I'm sure they have made decision on majority of us. Please God help us. I don't even have plan B and my situation is exceptional. This worries me everyday and it seems the only hope is me checking online and seeing it's in process and day and night I'm thinking one of this days I will see a good suprise.

    Did anybody call admission recently?
    What did they say about decision date?

    I'll keep praying we all get it. God help us.
  7. by   minam
    decisions will be out beginning to mid november and i know exactly how you feel lol i don't have a plan b either but we only have a month left of this wait
  8. by   nursing#101
    yeah its getting closer to november but my status still says Complete Ready for Review.
    this is scaring me.

    anyone else had their status updated yet?
  9. by   brooke3g
    My status hasn't changed either so don't sweat it!
  10. by   nursing#101
    LOL...I checked my status again and it just changed to Committee Ready. PROGRESSSS!!!!

    at this point I'm happy with just the simplest changes haha
  11. by   all4Hisglory
    My status also changed to "committee ready" last week. I applied last fall and got rejected because at that time I only had one science prerequisite with my application. I remember checking my status everyday and it was awful, the wait was stressing me out so much. This time I am only checking it once a week (for now). This is the time to rest. You already did the hard work! just sit and relax and wait for the results to come out. Good luck to everyone!
  12. by   stevieee
    Hey guys, I also am waiting to hear back for spring start... I figured since i have peeped this page a dozen times already i would join/ say hi.
    I applies with a 3.54 overall, and 3.13 science GPA, and got a 86% on TEAS.
    I also applied for CCBC's ATB program with Stevenson and Notre Dame ( Mainly because i didnt want to put all my eggs in one basket)
    I already found out this week that i got into all 3 programs, and that i will have to make a decision within the week and pay a $200 seat fee.
    Problem is... I honestly don't want to go there, quite frankly am considering that if i don't get in for the spring 2017 session, reapplying for fall. I feel like its a risky endeavor going in without a fail-safe, but it seems i'm not the only one that feels that way, that quite a few of you only applied for UMSON. It would also be a giant waste of $200 to hold a seat that i have no intention of actually taking.
    Now i'm just talking out loud......
    Well hoping for the best for us all...
  13. by   KNursing12
    Omg! It feels good to hear I'm not the only one that checks like twice a day to see if the status has changed! Lol I don't have a plan B either I want to get into this program so bad. We all have to stay positive and hope for the best. Good luck to everyone