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Anyone Apply for UMSON for Spring 2017 ???... Read More

  1. by   nursing#101
    @minam No nothing from Marymount yet...

    @schaiyap have you heard back from marymount?
  2. by   minam
    is anyone's status 'committee ready' yet ?
  3. by   saintpat7
    Hi all,

    I am new to this thread. I applied for the spring 2017 campus shady grove. My overall gpa is a 3.1, science gpa of 3.2, I am a certified EMT, I have volunteer EMS experience and hospital time. My teas score overall is 77%, math and science scores of 86. I wish you all good luck and hope we all get in! Please share comments and thoughts, or any update about application status.
  4. by   brooke3g
    Ugh no my status hasn't changed. Has yours?
  5. by   KNursing12
    I also applied to UMSON spring 2017, I'm hoping I get in as well. My status as of right now says "committee ready"
  6. by   minam
    mine is still complete ready for review
  7. by   nursing#101
    Mine still says complete ready for review...
    Is status change based on when we submitted and finished our application?

    BUT...I just got the acceptance letter for Marymount University. Gotta enroll and start registration by November 1st.
  8. by   minam
    that's so great congrats !
    and i have no idea but i'm guessing it'll be mid november when decisions are out
  9. by   nursing#101

    I just hope they allow me to cancel enrollment even after starting registration process.
  10. by   brooke3g
    Congratulations! That's awesome! I heard decisions for UMSON come out like early November!
  11. by   student20122
    OMG the wait is killing me....
    I check the status @lease twice daily
    I mean this is bad addiction. Omg I wish they just tell us. Anxiety is finishing me(
  12. by   minam
    same here , my status is still complete ready for review and idk if i should be concerned about that or not
  13. by   nnurse05
    Hi guys I'm planning to apply to the BSN program in the near future. However, after looking at the application I was confused on what application type to select is it the "RN to BSN"? Or something else? I did not see a BSN option