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  1. by   nursing#101
    Me too. Still committee ready. Please let it be tomorrow!!!
  2. by   student20122
    Quote from nursing#101
    Are you guys having trouble getting into surf too? I can't get in to check my status.

    Mine is still working....
    I'm still committee ready
  3. by   Christymayor
    Am so sorry about the news. It okay to reapply dear. But is this your first time of applying or were you waitlisted for any semester.
  4. by   Christymayor
    I haven't heard from them myself and I was waitlisted for fall 2016. But I heard they will be rounding up decision making next week Monday. I am about to pass out because I can't stay two semesters at home.
  5. by   johsonmichelle
    For those who did not get in, reapply for the next semester and apply to other schools including associates program. With an associates you can apply to the rn to bsn program and it will be much easier to get into the rn - bsn program than the traditional program.
  6. by   Christymayor
  7. by   Christymayor
    So please has anyone gotten back from them today. Am still on committee ready. Or does it mean the rest people are being rejected.
  8. by   nurses1000
    I dont think so. My statues changed 2 days ago
  9. by   student20122
    Is there anybody else waiting for decision besides me?
  10. by   nursing#101
    Yea. I'm still at committee ready.

    Grey Lady, any updates please?
  11. by   Christymayor
    Yea am still at committee ready. Am praying so hard and I pray God answer our prayer
  12. by   Nanky
    Please does anyone who have already paid the fee for the castle branch package know if it includes both background check and drug test.
  13. by   nursing#101
    When you buy it you need to pick them to have it included in your package.