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Anyone Apply for UMSON for Spring 2017 ???... Read More

  1. by   nursing#101
    My GPA is 3.05 with science GPA at 2.986. TEAS was 94% percentile. In fall, I did volunteering.

    This time for spring I started an internship (began September 7 2016) and I started taking the BLS cour
    se. Hopefully that boosts my application from waitlisted to admitted.

    Marymount is making me nervous...

    Fyi: was waitlisted for UMSON. this is my first time applying to Marymount.
  2. by   brooke3g
    Thats great!! Hopefully you get in for spring
  3. by   nursing#101
    Thanks! Let's hope everyone can get in. It's so hard to not freak out since my GPA is so low. I just wish Maryland was faster in processing. I wanna know in October. Lol
  4. by   minam
    has anybody's status change yet ?
  5. by   nursing#101
  6. by   minam
    this wait is torture
  7. by   nursing#101

    It's worse because my mom keeps pressuring me if I don't get in then I need to get my Ph.D.
  8. by   MaleNurse2533
    Hi everyone,

    I just talk to the person who came to transfer fair at my college. She said that the result will release around the middle of November.
  9. by   nursing#101
    Sigh so that means I might have to pay enrollment fee for Marymount (if I get in) to hold a seat. Ugh!

    Also, on the application, for those who applied to the accelerated program does it also state traditional BSN or does yours actually say Accelerated BSN?
  10. by   SpiffyNurse
    Probably not that important. I think that course sheet is so that they know that you took all the required courses and everything.
  11. by   SpiffyNurse
    @minam ^^^
  12. by   MaleNurse2533
    @nursing#101 It says Traditional BSN
  13. by   minam
    thank you ! @SpiffyNurse

    @nursing#101 any good news from Marymount ?