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  1. by   johsonmichelle
    Quote from nursing#101
    It's a good thing I already did my immunizations and BLS.

    Did you already order your castle branch? Marymount also uses it and I didn't want to stay ordering if we had to pick a school. Can you tell me if we do and how much castle branch costs? Thanks!

    I have ordered mine and it's $0. My order does not include background check or drug test, since I'm a rn - bsn student. My last semester may require one for community heath clinicals.
  2. by   Ephrata
    If there is anyone who wants to rent an apt or is renting a room around shady grove campus please let me know
  3. by   kmcgnursing101
    Does anyone know when we begin to schedule classes? or how many days a week it will be?
  4. by   Ephrata
    I was waitlisted at Baltimore for the fall 2016 but now I got admitted at the shady grove
  5. by   Nanky
    I think you can register for classes during the student success immersion program, and the schedule for spring is now available under the registration page.
    We have to be on campus 4 times in a week.
  6. by   Nanky
    How do you know which campus you got admitted to
  7. by   Ephrata
    Do you guys know if there is a deadline to ask for a student loan?
  8. by   umdbsn
    is anyone still waiting on a decision
  9. by   nurses1000
    Yep. Still comittee ready here
  10. by   umdbsn
    Does anyone know if theres spots left in either campus?
  11. by   Ephrata
    Quote from Nanky
    How do you know which campus you got admitted to
    They will send you a letter
  12. by   nursing#101
    Still at committee ready. Grey Lady, any updates please?
  13. by   student20122
    Quote from umdbsn
    is anyone still waiting on a decision
    Yep, I'm still on committee ready