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  1. by   Stroubr
    Did you receive an email letting you know you were accepted or did they just change your status on surf?
  2. by   Nurse2Bme
    No email, yet. Just checked and saw that my status changed.
  3. by   nursing#101
    Congratulations again!

    Mine still says Committee Ready
    did you guys submit your application early? Just trying to figure out how they release decisions. I didn't have it marked complete until the last day of deadline.

    Hope everyone heard back soon.
  4. by   jldnursetobe
    Mine also still says committee ready. All of my materials weren't complete until the last moment too. Does anyone else already have a bachelors degree?
  5. by   Stroubr
    I have a bachelors degree in a totally different field. I still see committee ready, I hope I hear soon... I am going crazy!

    Good luck everyone!
  6. by   jldnursetobe
    What are everyones stats?
  7. by   Nurse2Bme
    Stats- Hard to sum up but I'm guessing my life experience helped my application.
    I'm a SAHM (after career) and 1 yr returned as CC student. 4.0 gpa. Volunteer experience (some health). 86 TEAS. Application on time, not early.
  8. by   sunny8p
    i think its your GPA... but congrats
  9. by   nursing#101
    Lol everyone else's stats are making me nervous...

    Best of luck for everyone!
  10. by   kmcgnursing101
    Quote from nursing#101
    @kmcgnursing101 @nurse2bme


    I'm so nervous. How did they notify you?
    Just through surfs, hoping for an email or something soon as well. Status will change to; admit- institution. Good luck!
  11. by   Ephrata
    Wish we can hear from them soon... I need to make a decision about the other school.
  12. by   nursing#101
    Yeah I turned in the enrollment fee for the other school but still holding off on submitting anything else. Wish we hear back by end of the week.
  13. by   Nurse2Bme