UFV Nusing Winter 2019

  1. Is anyone applying to UFV Nursing for the winter 2019 intake?
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  3. by   Adelinna
    Hey Mjohal23,

    I was wondering if anybody was gonna start a thread...I was going to do it at the end of June if no one else had...
    I'm on the waiting list for Fall 2018 and also have an application in for winter 2019.
    How about you? First time applying? If you've seen the other UFV Nursing threads you know what a curious bunch we are.
    What volunteer or work experience do you have? and what about grades?
    You are talking about the BSN program aren't you? Cause that's what I'm talking about if you're doing the LPN program that's great too

  4. by   Mjohal23
    Yes I am talking about the BSN program! It's my first time applying and I'm super nervous!! I'm currently volunteering at Canadian Blood Services and also trying to volunteer at the Crisis Hotline. What about you? I'm trying to get atleast 150 hours done and I'm almost there! For grades I have an A in Bio 12 90%, an A in chem 11 89%, and I'm currently upgrading English and Math so I'm hoping to have an A in all my subjects! What are your grades like? I've also done psych 1100, anth 1100, and sociology 1100 at douglas and kpu so hopefully that gives me some kind of advantage. I'm super nervous, I really hope I get in because its super competeitive.
  5. by   Adelinna
    I've been working at ARH as a porter for 16 months. They grade work experience by length of time not hours so I don't know what that means.
    I have 88 in Math and above 90 in Bio, Chem and English.
    I've also taken Sociology 101, English 105, Stats 104 and Punjabi 101 at UFV.
    Are you applying at KPU and Douglas as well?
    It's definitely super competitive.
    Good luck with your English and Math.
    It would be nice to get in Winter 2019 and not have to keep trying...
    I do know that it's harder to get in the Winter intake because there are less spots open since the LPN bridge students join the Winter class. So 30 spots open instead of 46 (I think...approximately) since 16 are bridge students.
  6. by   Mjohal23
    Thank you! And I'm just applying at UFV for now, I'm really hoping for the best. I hate having yo wait so long to get it, if not the winter semester I hope I can get into the Fall 2019 semester! Good luck!!
  7. by   Adelinna
    I'm only applying at UFV as well.
    It really depends on the other applicants, other people who got in have Bachelors degrees already or some other higher education.
    Patience is so hard and it's still JUNE, 6 months till January...
    We can do this though!