UF online RN-BSN Spring 2018

  1. Just wanted to start a thread for anyone who might be applying to University of Florida RN-BSN for Spring 2018.

    I wasn't able to find much about the application process and the wait time for a decision anywhere. Thought I would share my process and see if it helps anyone out. Any input from anyone who's gone through this program or the application process would be much appreciated.

    I applied yesterday 10/2/2017. Transcripts, LORs, Resume, and Essay already submitted. I have a 3.5 GPA.
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  3. by   Stephchat
    Hi, I also have applied. I heard that we will find out in first couple weeks in November but I haven't heard anything yet. Have you? Do you know if they will mail us or just notify us via Nursing CAS? I know they will accept 90 students. Last year 90 students applied so everyone got in.
  4. by   FLnurse1127
    I havent heard anything. I emailed an advisor last week. They were reviewing applications and had not gotten to mine. They did not give any indication to when we should be hearing something....I'm so nervous. I want to get into this program so badly! Hope we hear back soon.
  5. by   Stephchat
    Me too!!
  6. by   Emmajs1993
    Hi everyone! I also applied for the RN to BSN program for spring 2018, online. I've been checking my email every day hoping to hear something, but nothing yet. Hopefully we all hear before Thanksgiving! Best of luck! So glad I found this thread though (:
  7. by   Stephchat
    Hey! Good luck! Yes, I'm hoping we hear something soon too. Anticipation is killing me
  8. by   FLnurse1127
    I hear you! This is going to be the longest three days off from work ever, haha. I hope we hear something by the end of the week.
  9. by   idee
    Hello. Found this thread to easy my mind a bit while waiting for a decision email. Got an acceptance email last night!! Official acceptance letter in the mail! I applied as readmission. I'm so excited!!!! Anyone else heard? Best of luck!!
  10. by   Stephchat
    Accepted!! Check your emails!!
  11. by   FLnurse1127
    Accepted too! Congrats!!
  12. by   Stephchat
    Should we start a FB page for us to connect?
  13. by   FLnurse1127
    Yes, did you start one already?
  14. by   Emmajs1993
    I was accepted too!! Please leave a link for the Facebook page if you made one! Congrats everyone!!