UCF Summer 2018 Second Degree BSN

  1. Is anyone else applying to the Summer 2018 Second Degree BSN cohort at the University of Central Florida? It seems like it is taking forever for the actual application to open up (January 1).

    Hoping to see some other folks just as excited as I am!!
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  3. by   Crab Magoo
    I'm applying too! I've been waiting for what seems like forever and now its almost here! How do you feel about your application?

    I'm getting my first bachelors this spring and hopefully starting the nursing program immediately after.

    Teas- 95.3
  4. by   Goldenmoose
    Congrats on graduating! I am feeling okay about my application. I just can't wait for January 1 to come so I can finish the process.

    TEAS - 93.5
    GPA - 3.86
    Prereqs - 4.0

    How are you feeling? You have great numbers!!
  5. by   Crab Magoo
    Wow we actually have pretty identical stats lol! I'm nervous because I'm a nervous person in general but I'm also pretty confident that we'll both get in. Apparently if you're above average in at least 3 categories then you're pretty likely to get admitted. So I think we both have a pretty good shot!!
  6. by   Goldenmoose
    Hopefully that is the case. Only a few more days until the application opens!!
  7. by   Crab Magoo
    Have you applied yet??
  8. by   Goldenmoose
    I did. I applied yesterday and am anxiously waiting for them to finish reviewing it. Have you applied to UCF? Also, are you applying anywhere else?
  9. by   Crab Magoo
    I applied too! I have green check marks for everything but the prerequisites so far, I'm checking for updates every day lol. I'm considering applying for the SSC concurrent program, but my understanding is that you find out whether you got in to the SSC program first and have to make a decision before you know if you got in to the 2nd degree program. So I'm not sure if I'll bother because I know I want to hold out for UCF. How about you?
  10. by   Goldenmoose
    Looks like we have the same green checks on our applications. I submitted a transfer petition months ago. They were all accepted so I'm not too worried. I have been accepted to UMiami. I only want programs that start in May.
  11. by   kevles
    I applied 1st day it was open. Only showing my UCF enrollment checked right now. Anxiety will go away once I see all green on my application.
  12. by   _emilyann
    Has anyone had all green checks yet on their application yet? I applied on the 4th and only missing the prerequisites green check at this point.
  13. by   Pizzafart
    Applied on the 3rd and have all green checks today. Hope everyone gets in!
  14. by   Goldenmoose
    Applied on Jan. 3 and still missing the prerequisite check as well.

    On a side note - has anyone heard anything about the program? I've been able to connect with students at other schools to get some "gouge" on what to expect. Unfortunately, I haven't made contact or heard from other UCF students. Just wondering if anyone else has heard anything.