The teas test what the acceptance grade at rockland community college

  1. Just take my teas exam for rockland community college i get 70 but worried if they going to accept me with that grade
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    I just took mine too. I got a 77.3 (so mad, I wanted an 80, and if I got a 78 I would have gotten an advanced score!). I hear some conflicting things. I applied last semester on a whim with a teas score that I took at another college. I was initially going to go to Eastwick's LPN program but backed out when I got an uneasy feeling from the admissions department. When I took that teas I only had two days to prepare and got a 66 (they admit not with the overall score, but having a minimum passing score on each section of the test). I didn't get into fall 2018 (and wasn't mad that I didn't because, in all honesty, I wasn't ready) so I used the summer to do three classes and I'm in 3 classes now. After this, I'll only have two classes left along with the nursing classes.

    A friend of mine who was in my summer classes told me that she got an 81 on the teas and didn't get accepted into the fall program. An acquaintance I know got in with a 78 in the fall. Another friend of mine who is doing prerequisite classes told me that there is a woman in her A&P 1 class who got into the program with a 76. All of the people who got in are in daytime classes with full-time status. As for my friend who scored 81 and me, we opted for part-time with night clinicals. I was told at a nursing seminar last year that whatever options you picked would not give you a better chance at entering the program. They really stressed that they go solely on teas scores, selecting those at the top first, then all of the rest. You scored in the proficient range so if what they are saying is true; you have a shot at the program depending on what everyone else got. I was told letters would be going out in November.

    Good Luck!