1. Has anyone applied to TCAT memphis 2018 program, I submitted the application last week now waiting for acceptance. Tennessee Health Institute on Winchester also has their initial LPN program for 2018, wondering if anyone else is applying?
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  3. by   bdod12
    I applied to TCAT for the January class. Turned in my application today. They told me they had about 100 applications to go through. Praying I get accepted!
  4. by   MemTn
    Me too. Hopefully we both receive an acceptance.
  5. by   bdod12
    I hope so!! If you don't mind me asking what did you score on your Hesi? My score wasn't super high and I'm kinda nervous about that. I scored a 75 overall
  6. by   MemTn
    I scored 86 and 84 I don't really remember which was math and which was reading.
  7. by   staci5
    Have you applied for healthcare instutute?
  8. by   MemTn
    Yes I applied
  9. by   staci5
    I applied. I just submitted my application.
  10. by   MemTn
    I asked when notifications will go out, they said the applicants selected would be contacted by phone for an interview
  11. by   staci5
    Yes that's what I heard. I'm Staci by the way. I come on all nurses sometimes to get updates.
  12. by   MemTn
    I'm Tee, and so do I. Sometimes you can find good info on posts. This is actually how I found out about Tennessee Health Institute.
  13. by   staci5
    How long have you been a cna. I been a cna for 7 years and I made an 84 in reading and an 86 in math.
  14. by   MemTn
    It's only been a few weeks for me. I only got the cna to apply to this program. I made a 94 in math and I think 82 or 84 in reading