Suny Downstate vs. NYU Accelerated Nursing Program

  1. Hello i'm currently doing my undergrad and I plan on pursuing a career as an rn but i just wanted to know specifics and info on the accelerated nursing programs at both of these schools. If anyone went to either of these schools I want to know how much tuition was for the 15 month program as well as acceptance rates and grade requirements. I would appreciate an honest overall opinion of the program as a whole.
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  3. by   genesis1930
    I'm a traditional nursing student at NYU so I can offer some insight into the program. The way it works at NYU for traditional students is we take the pre-reqs the first 2 years and the last 2 years are the 4 "sequences"/semesters of actual nursing school. These are the 4 semesters accelerated students will take, for a total time of 15 months. Typically, accelerated students and traditional students are in the same classes all together for the nursing sequences. Tuition for NYU traditional students is about $24,000/semester. Add in some fees and stuff and I'd say its roughly $25-26K/semester. Not sure how different that is for accelerated students but I don't think it would be too different. NYU charges a flat fee for 12-18 credits and all of your semesters your credits will be within that range. Not too sure about GPA/acceptance rates since I went to NYU directly from high school, accelerated BSN reqs may be different.

    Other info about the program:
    The first 3 semesters you'll be taking "Adult & Elder Nursing" 1,2, and 3 respectively. These are general med-surg clinicals with a lecture component as well as on-campus simulations and off-campus hospital clinicals. On and off campus clinicals alternate every week so one week you will be in simulation and the next you will be at the hospital. Semesters are 12 weeks long, so you'd be at the hospital 6 times a semester and on campus sim 6 times a semester, unless there is a holiday that falls on your given clinical day. Sub-specialty courses like psychiatric nursing, pediatrics, and maternity are only 6 weeks each. A 12-week semester also means that there are ridiculous amounts of information to keep up with and exams almost every week. First semester is particularly tough with assignments and such. On any given semester you will only have classes 4 days a week, so you will always have one week-day off. This is very helpful for working/catching up with assignments/studying. Also, you have absolutely no choice in which hospitals you're placed at. Like, none at all. Wherever you're placed you're stuck at. Don't know if other programs are like that. They choose each and every single class and time for you, including lectures, so you have absolutely no say in what times you want your classes to be or which professor you'd like to have.

    Personally, I didn't feel too confident on my nursing abilities during my first two semesters, but I am now on my third semester and I am realizing how much I've actually learned. There are some things I would change about the course structures and program in general, but overall I am satisfied with the opportunities I've gotten at NYU! I hope I've helped in some way. Good luck with everything!